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Todd Doherty, MP Statement on Bill C-211 2nd reading in the Senate

OTTAWA, February 6, 2018

Today, the Honourable Senator Leo Housakos gave his 2nd reading speech on Bill C-211, An Act Respecting a Federal Framework on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the Upper Chamber.

“Bill C-211 was developed to combat the overwhelming issue of PTSD. Human suffering is not a partisan issue and we need to get our first responders the help they need.

Currently, there is no coordinated federal-provincial strategy that would expand the scope of support to ensure long-term solutions for those suffering from PTSD.

234 days have passed since the House of Commons stood as one and passed Bill C-211, sending a clear message to our first responders, veterans and military personnel that they are not alone in this fight.

Bill C-211 will ensure that a national framework will set in place a long-term set of best practices, statistical data and consistent terminology and education when dealing with PTSD and occupational stress injuries.

It will help to ensure we get consistent care and diagnosis of PTSD for our first responders, veterans and military personnel from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

We need to make certain that all Canadians understand how important this legislation is, how it is imperative that we work beyond partisan lines and get help for those in crisis.

Again, I want to thank the Honourable Senator Leo Housakos for steering this bill through the Senate. Our first responders, firefighters, military personnel, corrections officers and members of the RCMP are heroes who run towards danger while others run away. It’s time that we did something to help them.”

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