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Softwood Lumber File

Todd Doherty, Member of Parliament for Cariboo – Prince George released the following statement following the United States (US) decision to impose preliminary anti-dumping duties on Canadian softwood lumber imports.

“Canadian forestry workers deserve stability and predictability from their government, but Liberal inaction has put whole communities that rely on the lumber industry at risk.

“Our small and medium sized producers cannot afford to wait out a costly dispute with the World Trade Organization that could take years to resolve.

“The Liberals have pitted one region against another forcing some provinces to appoint their own US envoys and setting their own defensive and offensive positions.

“Duties imposed today show that the US is not willing to back down from this trade war. By not immediately intervening, the Prime Minister is once again proving that he is not interested in standing up for Canadian forestry jobs from coast-to-coast-to-coast.”


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