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Remembrance Day in Cariboo—Prince George


I believe this Remembrance Day was one of the largest in recent years. I am very proud of our community for coming out to pay respect to our veterans, military and first responders.

As mentioned earlier Paige Benson joined me in laying the wreath in Remembrance. Paige did an awesome job and I once again want to say thank you to her for being a leader in her school.

Thank you to the organizers of today’s events and to everyone who attended.Thank you to Chuck Chin , Philomena Hughes Portrait Design Studios and Groop Gallery, Kelly and Kassi for capturing the day’s events so well by photo.

And thank you to our brave men and women who serve our communities and country without reservation or hesitation.

Thank you to the families of the fallen for continuing to tell the story’s and remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in defending democracy and freedom.

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