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Promises Not Kept


Today we sit without a plan to create jobs, are faced with out of control spending on part of this government, and there is absolutely no plan to return to balanced budget, a fact confirmed by the finance minister himself.

The Liberals are borrowing nearly $30 billion to pay for their election promises and they will raise taxes on families, youth and small businesses to pay for their spending spree.

Over the next five years, Canada will borrow more than $113 billion, which will be paid by future generations. It just goes to show you, when it comes to spending taxpayer money, the federal Liberals just can’t help themselves.

The Liberal government was elected on a promise to address the infrastructure deficit.

The Liberals broke this promise and chose to raise taxes on the job-creating businesses that benefit from infrastructure spending and are the backbone of our Canadian economy.The Conservative Party has always supported infrastructure spending.

In fact, we invested more money into infrastructure than any other government in history, second amongst the G7 in 2014. And we accomplished this while weathering a global recession, having the strongest job growth in the G7, keeping taxes low and balancing the budget.

Justin Trudeau’s government will borrow nearly $12 billion over the next five years, but the majority of that funding will not go toward roads, bridges and public transportation.

Instead, he will focus on green and social infrastructure, areas that Canadians do not define as traditional infrastructure.What’s worse is that the Canadian businesses who contribute to local infrastructure projects will not benefit from this plan because the Liberals failed to follow through on their election promise to lower the small business tax rate from 10.5 per cent to the scheduled 9 per cent.

Moreover, Liberals are increasing EI premiums for small businesses by ending the hiring credit for small business.

Small businesses are the job creators in all communities – urban and rural. The hardworking entrepreneurs, be it the farmer, the neighborhood grocery store or the service sector keep our communities viable and they fuel Canada’s economic engine.

Canadians can’t afford to have their pockets emptied any further and small businesses can`t afford these tax-hikes.In these times of economic uncertainty, Canadians needs to know that their leader is taking definitive steps to protect, grow and invest in our nation.

When you campaign on having a plan, lowering the small business tax rate, creating jobs and investing in record infrastructure investments, Canadians expect you to keep that promise.

Conservatives will demand a real plan to create the jobs we need. We will push the Liberals to keep spending in check. And we’ll fight to keep money in the pockets of Canadians at every turn.

Todd Doherty

MP, Cariboo – Prince George –

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