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Annual 'Paramedic Ride' Dinner


I was honoured to attend the Paramedic Ride Gala Dinner in Gatineau, Quebec. The Paramedic Ride is a grassroots organized event that takes place every year in order to help raise awareness about the risks & hazards faced by Paramedics, and indeed all First Responders.

Participants bike from Toronto to Ottawa, while another group makes the trip from Quebec City to Ottawa. Nearly all of the bikers are paramedics themselves, and the initiative is all about bringing the community together, and ensuring that those with mental health issues have the resources and the companionship to help battle their condition.

“It was a moving experience and I cannot express the amount of respect and admiration I have for all the First Responders in this country,” said Todd. “The men and women who daily put their lives at risk so that we may feel and be safe in our everyday lives. They are our silent sentinels, and I will continue to fight for their right to have access to adequate treatment for all mental health disorders.”

“I would like to thank the organizers of the Paramedic Ride for inviting me and allowing me to talk about my Private Member’s Bill, Bill C-211, at the event.”

“I should also thank the Canadian Paramedic Memorial Foundation for their continued involvement as well, and for all the work they do for our paramedic personnel here in Canada. I look forward to visiting the National Paramedic Monument in Ottawa once it is completed.

”To date, the Paramedic Ride has raised over $40,000 in order to help support Paramedics and raise awareness to the serious issue of post-traumatic stress disorder which is prevalent in the paramedic profession, and indeed, all of Canada’s First Responders.

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